5 types of cancer related to the alcohol consumption
A new study found evidence stating that cancer is also provoked by drinking alcohol.

Over time, studies have concluded that the development of cancer is linked to a variety of risk factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise, but now, drinking alcohol has been linked to many types of cancer including breast, esophageal, liver, colon, and mouth.

While men who drink more than four alcoholic beverages a day and women who drink more than three are in the greatest danger, the assessment claims that even moderate alcohol consumption puts people at risk.

Substances known as carcinogens have been scientifically proven to cause or contribute to the development of cancer. These kinds of substances can be found in the environment, in the food and drinks we consume.

Alcohol is considered a group one carcinogen and a significant contributor to the development of cancer.

“Alcohol consumption is one of the most important known risk factors for human cancer and potentially one of the most avoidable factors, but it is increasing worldwide”, scientists said.

Abiding by Canada’s low-risk alcohol-drinking guidelines is a good way to ensure you don’t increase your risk of developing alcohol-related cancer.

The current Canadian guidelines for drinking are as follows:

  • Women should have no more than 10 drinks per week or two drinks per day most days.
  • Men should have no more than 15 drinks each week or three drinks each day most days.
  • On special occasions, women should have no more than three drinks, and men should have no more than four.
  • All individuals should avoid drinking every day.

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Additionally, Canada’s alcohol guidelines recently suggested that people should refrain from drinking more than three alcoholic beverages per week to lower the risk of developing certain diseases including cancer.