AI generated the first-ever fashion week launched in New York
The first interaction of AI with fashion ever created designs virtually and have been launched in New York

The future of everything is artificial intelligence, now, it’s turn of fashion, generated by AI was launched the fist-ever fashion week in New York.

Designs come from chaotic worlds to fantasy worlds featuring everything from beaches to dinosaurs.

Designers familiar with AI software created the full collection, between 15 to 30 looks, designed 100% virtually, and these will be presented on models walking a runway.

@ai_fashion_photos’ runway.
AI Picture recreating futuristic style. Instagram / ai_fashion_photos

There is a competition called AIFW, where voting will take place online, while judges will help select a winner announced in May, and the winner will have the designs physically and ready to be sold by the Revolve Group.

Revolve CEO and co-founder Michael Mente said that it’s not that the computer is designing and replacing jobs, it’s a different kind of creator using different kinds of technologies to create different kinds of output that can be physically produced.

AI picture of a futuristic style. Photo by: Instagram / Fashionweek.AI
AI picture of a futuristic style. Photo by: Instagram / Fashionweek.AI

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He also said the main intention of the event is to provide a prestigious platform for designers to showcase their vision for the future of fashion and offer the public the opportunity to discover how the latest innovations in the field of tech can revolutionize.