Lopez Obrador criticizes US military aid to Ukraine: «It is the most irrational»

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, criticized the United States Government for the large budgets allocated to Ukraine for military aid, considering this action as “irrational” and harmful.

During his statements, the Mexican president suggested that these resources should be directed towards beneficial actions for Latin American nations, and to confront the crisis of addiction and drug trafficking that seriously affects the public health of Americans.

«Now I was seeing that they are no longer authorizing support for the war in Ukraine, but how much have they allocated to the war in Ukraine? 30, 50 billion dollars for the war, it is the most irrational thing there can be, and harmful, » said the president of the Mexican State.

Likewise, he reiterated in his statements: «Every day we are fighting drug trafficking and for humanitarian reasons, helping the United States, because we do not want the young people of this neighboring country to die.»

Obrador calls to prioritize investment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Lopez Obrador has consistently advocated for greater US investment in Central America and the Caribbean, with the goal of addressing migration pressures in the region. In addition, he questioned the allocation of resources to promote the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, highlighting the magnitude of the millionaire amounts allocated.

In this sense, he specified that he has constantly spoken out on this matter, warning that the White House either says that it is going to “help the poor people of Central America, the Caribbean”; but they don’t authorize anything.

Likewise, the president of Mexico highlighted the importance of prioritizing investments that directly benefit the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on job creation, social well-being and care for youth.

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On the other hand, the president, maintaining a neutral stance in the conflict, advocated the search for peaceful solutions and called for peace talks to end the war situation between Russia and Ukraine.

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This approach reflects the perspective of the Mexican president, who advocates a constructive approach in the allocation of international resources, prioritizing the well-being of Latin American and Caribbean populations.