A Brazilian man was cured of metastatic cancer after being under CAR-T cell therapy

Paulo Peregrino, from Brazil, was diagnosed with cancer in the lymphatic system in 2018, and claims to have received 45 sessions of chemotherapy with no improvement.

Peregrino, had found a «cure» called «CAR-T» and it was a cell therapy, which he would try as experimental and thus achieved what is his cure after a month of trying.

The «CAR-T» cell therapy is recognized by the American Cancer Society and consists in making the immune cells (T cells) or white blood cells fight cancer by modifying them.

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But even so, this cell therapy could have negative repercussions, such as accelerating the disease and even causing death, which is why it is still in the experimental stage.

Peregrino shared on his Instagram account, the process of his cure, and you can see how the tumors that he had around his body are disappearing.