The new study center will be named National University Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro

The National Council of Universities (CNU), the highest authority of the Higher Education subsystem in Nicaragua, has approved the creation of the «Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro National University», to ensure that students of the defunct Central American University (UCA)continue their academic studies at all levels. 

Resolution issued by the National Council of Universities

The representatives of the CNU issued the resolution during their Ordinary Session No 23-2023, held at the UNA-Camoapa University Headquarters in Nicaragua.

In the exercise of its powers, conferred on it by Law 89 and Law 1114 together with its reforms, the CNU reported that it took the decision to cancel the authorization of operation of the Central American University, in accordance with the provisions of the Nicaraguan State.

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In addition, in its official statement the academic entity emphasized that in view of its commitment to the educational continuity of both undergraduate and graduate students, the National Council of Universities has approved the creation of the «Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro National University»,

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In this context, the new authorities of the rectorate of the new institution have been appointed: Master Rector, Alejandro Enrique Genet Cruz; Vice-rector General Doctor, Luz Marina Ortiz Narváez; and Master Secretary General, Moisés Ignacio Palacios.