Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses the White House of wanting to prolong the war between Ukraine and Russia.

In the context of the arrival of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Washington in search of more military financing; The legislator, Marjorie Taylor Greene, assured that the Biden administration prefers war over peace between Kyiv and Moscow.

“With Zelensky in town and Ukraine’s money running out, why is no one in the US talking about a peace treaty with Russia? Answer: The White House wants war, not peace”, Greene said in her X official account.

Congressman criticizes military financing to Ukraine

Previously, the congresswoman called financial support for Ukraine an act of «stupidity and horrible irresponsibility» by American leaders. Also, she highlighted the need to focus on internal issues such as the enormous debt and border security.

Greene, recognized as one of the most prominent Republican congresswomen in recent years, used her social media platforms to criticize the position of US officials regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

Closely linked to former President Donald Trump and candidate for the Republican nomination for 2024, Greene also stated that “the conflict in Ukraine represents a proxy (subsidiary) war promoted by the United States against Russia”.

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Likewise, the senator, Mike Lee, declared his refusal to “follow orders” from the Ukrainian president, expressing that “there are legitimate reasons to disagree with Zelensky”. Lee emphasized that it is not Zelensky’s responsibility to look after the interests of the United States, but rather his own nation.

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Zelensky’s visit comes after President Joe Biden invited him to visit the White House to discuss American support for Ukraine, a meeting that comes amid growing skepticism in both the United States and the European Union about the future of the support for Ukraine.