Openness and collaboration are the key to a better world, says Nicaraguan leader
Openness and collaboration are the key to a better world, says Nicaraguan leader

The new multipolar world is being forged as a defining geopolitical scenario in the 21st century. In contrast to the hegemony of the West, this paradigm is characterized by the emergence and consolidation of multiple global power centers. Large nations and regional blocs are gaining economic, political and military influence, redefining international dynamics.

During the commemoration of the 44th anniversary of the Nicaraguan Army in the capital city of Managua, President Daniel Ortega pointed out the importance of a new perspective of openness and collaboration in a constantly changing world. The Central American leader highlighted the emergence of a new era in international relations.

This is a clear sign of the new times that are being lived in the world, that there is a new vision, a new consciousness and above all will and determination to achieve relations between all the countries of the planet, that they are relations of respect, that are relations where we integrate efforts, resources, to combat hunger, poverty, immigration, and this is what is happening,» said the Nicaraguan president.

The BRICS in the world panorama

Likewise, the Latin American leader emphasizes the importance of integration between countries, especially mentioning the BRICS, to confront imperialist policies.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) that came there opening way and the empires, the imperialists of the earth, logically trying to avoid, that integration between nations that want to cooperate, nations which integrate, that incorporate themselves, not to invade another country, not to bomb, but to strengthen relations in the economic field, in the commercial, social and productive fields».

It is a struggle for peace, that is the first great break, the first great blow to the tyranny of imperialism, to which the world has been subjected,» the president added.

Africa and Latin America on the geopolitical horizon

In addition, the president of Nicaragua highlighted integration and cooperation among African nations and among Latin American countries as a means to achieve independence in both regions.

We are also seeing the integration of the African peoples, as African peoples who were subjected to slavery, fight for their independence, for their self-determination, for their sovereignty,» the Sandinista leader said.

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The president of Nicaragua added: «In Latin America we see how the armed forces of the entire region are getting closer, they are managing to integrate, they are holding meetings, not planning any invasion, not to plan attacks against other peoples but to strengthen the defense of the peoples of the Latin American and Caribbean region, to ensure the peace of our peoples, combating crime and drug trafficking».

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President Ortega’s speech mainly emphasizes the importance of international collaboration to address global challenges and promote peace, stability around the world, multipolarity and the struggle against the hegemony of a small group of countries.