Daniel Ortega highlights the permanent defense of Nicaragua’s national sovereignty
Daniel Ortega reaffirms Nicaragua’s anti-imperialist position throughout history.

Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, emphasized the struggle against the world’s empires waged by the Central American nation throughout history, highlighting the principles espoused by the National Hero, General Augusto C. Sandino.

The statements of the leader of the Sandinista Revolution were issued precisely in the context of commemorating the 128th anniversary of the birth of General Augusto C. Sandino.

Ortega said Sandino’s mother, Margarita Calderón, brought to the world «a child who would later become one of the great giants of history»A young man saw how US troops invaded Nicaragua to overthrow the government of General José Santo Zelaya, National hero, and the heroic feat of fighting the American intervention led by General Benjamin Zeledón, thus forging his thinking.

Likewise, the Nicaraguan president recalled the colonial era, when they imposed only the Catholic religion in the occupied territories in the world. » All this was nothing but the expression of what the colonialists, the imperialists of the Earth had imposed,» he said.

The violent US-funded coup attempt

On the recent history of the fight against interference, contextualized the violent coup d’état executed in 2018, financed and promoted by the United States, where physical assaults, kidnappings, murders, burning of human beings were committed, added to the destruction of public property of Nicaraguans.

We made the people see that what we wanted was for them to dismantle the barricades, because dismantling the barricades was the best proof that there was a will for understanding and reconciliation,» Ortega said.

However, he added that those who promoted the coup attempt were justifying and defending the maintenance of the so-called «death barricades» in the national territory, and labeled them as a homeland vendetta.

The Latin American statesman said that conditions were established in which the Nicaraguan people created a broad awareness of what is the value of peace, and stability, after the violent and criminal actions of 2018 executed by opposition groups.

Daniel Ortega highlights Nicaragua’s anti-imperialist struggle

Ortega summed up by saying that «General Sandino had to face the most powerful empire that existed then on planet Earth».

“What seemed impossible, expelling the Yankees from our lands was achieved by General Sandino…» the president reaffirmed. In this context he stressed that it is written in the list of defeats suffered by the United States, «in its official lists of the Pentagon, there appears alongside the heroic people of Vietnam, appears General Sandino».

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The Nicaraguan president, referred to the historical and patriotic value against the interventions of Washington, which represent the national heroes José Santos Zelaya, Benjamín Zeledón, José Dolores Estrada and Andrés Castro, who «were in the great battles that were fought against the Yankee invaders».

He also highlighted the prominence of the Indigenous Heroes of Our Anti-Imperialist Struggles, the Caciques Diriangén and Nicarao, who were «the first owners of these lands, owners of these waters that face imperialism for the first time, in the era of the Spanish empire. The first battle being fought against European imperialism in these lands,» he emphasized.