Protests reject Israeli crimes in the Middle East, says president of Nicaragua.
Protests reject Israeli crimes in the Middle East, says president of Nicaragua.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, condemned the crimes carried out by Israeli forces in the Middle East, and referred to the protests against these aggressions in the world, including in Israel itself.

“The prime minister of Israel is weakening, there were large marches, due to tyrannical measures that he had taken in Israel, without taking the people into account; and the Israeli people are condemning him, asking for his resignation”, Ortega emphasized.

The Latin American leader referred to the condemnation of the Israeli people towards their leader and highlighted: “On the one hand, there are the people in favor of Peace, even in Israel, in Israel the people have marched, claiming for peace…”.

The world demands peace

“Today more than ever in the history of humanity the world demands, demands Peace, they are demanding it in the cities of the United States, there are people marching; in the European cities where the roots of the current empires are, the English empire, father of the North American empire; the German Empire, father of the Nazi Empire,” declared the Nicaraguan statesman.

Ortega expressed his support for the Palestinian people and his rejection of the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip. Referring to Israel, the Nicaraguan president questioned: “Why not open its defenses to the Palestinian forces in Gaza, and who rightly defend the right to have a State, a homeland…”.

Ortega denounces a dark plan of the “empires”

Likewise, Daniel Ortega expressed his rejection against what he describes as a “dark” and “macabre” war plan, launched by the “empires”, led by the US government.

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“What is the dark plan, the dark plan that the empires have launched, and the person responsible for this macabre plan, the one in charge of this criminal plan, is North American imperialism,” mentioned the president of Nicaragua.

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In this sense, the Sandinista leader criticized the big businessmen of the United States arms industry, claiming that they “care little about blood,” but rather about the income generated by this business.