Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, assured that the European Union is hurting Celac by throwing up tares
Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, assured that the European Union is hurting Celac by throwing up tares

Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, reaffirmed that Nicaragua refused to sign the «Declaration of Consensus of the Celac-EU Summit 2023», considering it a liar, indicating in turn that the European Union is hurting the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The Central American president, during the official ceremony of the celebrations on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution, celebrated on July 19, in Managua, referred to the points, on which Nicaragua did not agree, presented in this declaration of the Celac-EU.

At this meeting they wanted to get the fascist, the Nazi president of Ukraine, to be there at the meeting. The Europeans pressed hard, but there most of the countries of CELAC did not accept, and could not sit there the fascist president of Ukraine,» he said.

Nicaragua did not sign the Celac-EU Declaration

In addition, he indicated that subsequently, European representatives made an effort to introduce paragraphs accusing the Russian Federation of everything that is happening in Ukraine.

 Logically we could not accept this. There was no point in the agenda between the European Union and CELAC that put those issues,» said President Daniel.

In this sense, he indicated that, during this meeting, demands were made to the European Union, on the responsibility it had acquired in 2009, on a fund of 100 billion dollars a year that it would deliver for the environment, However, the EU has not fulfilled this commitment in 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

Then they were asked for this, and some presidents there said to them: But, well, you quickly take out billions to get them into Ukraine and you can’t get the money for peace, for the fight against poverty, to protect the environment here in this Latin American and Caribbean region. So, what they did was commit again, they said they will now comply. We’ll see,» Daniel said.

Cluster bombs are prohibited

The leader of the Sandinista Revolution explained that, during this meeting, Nicaragua presented a first point that has to do with calling on the United States not to hand over cluster bombs to Ukraine, taking into account that they are prohibited by international law. 

 The American rulers themselves have told us that these bombs are terrible because they then kill children, they kill people, because the bombs are everywhere. The European Union has also banned them,» he said.

In addition, Daniel explained that, in this meeting, he also raised the issue of the judgment of the International Court of Justice, which mandates the United States to compensate the Central American country for the war it financed for almost a decade, leaving thousands of victims and damage in Nicaragua.

It is a sentence that is alive, it was ruled 37 years ago, but the sentence is alive, and the United States does not comply. So what are we putting to them there? Well, that they accompany a call, an exhortation to comply with the compensation they owe Nicaragua, because the Court’s ruling is very clear, in this sense, even speaks of acts of terrorism on the part of the United States in Nicaragua,» he said.

Nicaragua pide cese de agresiones de EEUU

President Ortega explained that although Nicaragua did not agree with some points of the Celac-EU declaration, European Union officials, during a press conference indicated that it had had consensus.

What’s the big deal? That the European Union is hurting CELAC,» Daniel said, adding that, during this meeting, they did not agree to include in the declaration the proposal made by Nicaragua to draft an agreement on the cessation of the policy of aggression against Cubr, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

 They didn’t agree to put Venezuela and Nicaragua. So what do we see there? A European Union that is putting the tares in Celac, and Celac will have to make its reflections, take its decisions,» said the president of the Central American country.

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The president, said in this regard, that, with this behavior, during the meeting of CELAC-EU, European officials have shown that they do not comply.

It might interests you 44 años de Revolución Sandinista: ¿Qué deben celebrar los nicaragüenses? In what is the matter of trade they (Europeans) always want to have their advantages, they put the rules, their protectionist measures and leave Latin American and Caribbean countries at a disadvantage. In any case, it will be an issue that will have to be discussed more,» he emphasized.