Ortega stated, "The battle continues, the peoples do not surrender."
Ortega stated, «The battle continues, the peoples do not surrender.»

In his address during the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the treacherous assassination of General Augusto C. Sandino, the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, emphasized the continuity of the revolutionary leader’s legacy among the Nicaraguan people and in the struggle of nations.

In this regard, the Sandinista leader stated, “The first Manifesto of General Sandino remains valid because the struggle continues, the battle continues, the imperialists of the Earth have not disappeared.”

“Rather, they are committing horrendous crimes, such as those being committed against the Palestinian people, day by day, in plain sight and patience of the countries that claim to be civilized, the European countries, accomplices of their crimes, launching aggressions against all peoples, against the Nicaraguan people, against all the peoples of the world, they launch aggressions, but the peoples resist, the peoples do not surrender, the peoples do not sell out, never!” added Ortega.

Thus, the Nicaraguan president quoted an emblematic phrase from General Sandino’s Manifesto, which states, “He who does not claim a piece of land of his homeland for his tomb deserves to be heard, and not only heard but also believed.”

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In this context, Ortega emphasized that these words of Sandino convey a relevant message for contemporary reality. “General Sandino is speaking to us, addressing the Nicaraguan people, the Central American peoples, and the Indo-Hispanic race,” said the Nicaraguan leader.

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President Daniel Ortega characterized General Sandino as the fundamental pillar of the Nicaraguan Revolution, highlighting him as the precursor of resistance against imperialism in Nicaragua and the defender of National Sovereignty.