Daniel Ortega urged the world to choose the path of peace and peaceful coexistence.

If the powers did not invade people all over the world and follow China’s example, the hegemonistic pretensions would disappear, said Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, who reiterated that the only way forward for humanity should be peace and peaceful coexistence.

The Latin American leader, recognized for his defense of the right of self-determination of peoples, said that we are at a time when the conditions have opened to build a world of democratic and respectful relations between nations.

«Where nations like the People’s Republic of China have gone there developing their own project, their own nation, their own people, but they have also given the hand to nations, to the developing peoples who have been abandoned by the imperialists of the Earth. It has approached to help in all fields,» said the Nicaraguan president.

 China’s foreign policy must be an example for the world’s powers

Ortega emphasized that Beijing’s foreign policy lays out the key to how the powers should behave in order to bring about mutual understanding and mutual benefit.

If the United States, if the Europeans, if the imperialists of the Earth changed the attitude of invading peoples all over the world and following in the footsteps of the People’s Republic of China, then there, we would have a world where the powers would meet, and the differences and confrontations would be diluted.

 The imperialist spirits would disappear, hegemonic attitudes would disappear,» Ortega said.

 Ortega denounces the war of the West against Russia

 Under this premise, the leader of the Sandinista Revolution denounced the actions of the West led by the United States and executed through NATO against the Russian Federation.

We are facing a world war, now.  Where NATO, led by the United States, is determined to defeat the Russian Federation, that has been a historic aspiration. Seize Russia, destroy Russia, occupy Russia,» the Latin American statesman warned.

He also illustrated that this is not a simple war between two nations, but a war in which the United States is participating, leading that war at the head of NATO.

 Ortega said the US president and European leaders are meeting with NATO representatives to increase the war, send more weapons and train more Ukrainian soldiers.

 Nicaragua is a peace-loving country

 For that reason, Ortega considered that this is not a war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, «This is a war of the imperialists of the Earth led by NATO, by the United States, trying to destroy the Russian Federation with the aim of settling down like the masters of the Planet».

The Nicaraguan president said that in his country «they are lovers of peace, we are not excited or happy about any confrontation of any kind, especially a confrontation like this, which puts the existence of the human species at risk,» he said.

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Continuing in this endeavor is the greatest crime that throughout history the imperialists of the Earth would be committing, because they would be the murderers of humanity,» Ortega added.

He also stressed that either we all coexist on Earth, «or there will be no one alive on this Planet»

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Ortega reminded the peoples of the world that there is no other way to defend peace, and that «this war that the imperialists of the Earth have been escalating will cease once and for all, and in this way humanity will have the opportunity to continue developing in a new world».