23,742 minors were deported by the United States. Photo: UNICEF
23,742 minors were deported by the United States. Photo: UNICEF

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), estimates that the cases of minors expelled by the United States and Mexico to the Northern Triangle in Central America, exceeded 92%; not an encouraging figure and representing the 23,742 deportees in the 18-year-old range by 2021.

In particular, the United States deported 7,375 infants in 2021 and, for its part, Mexico displaced 16,367, that is, 51.3% and 118.4%, respectively.

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According to IOM data, the cumulative number of deportations of elderly and minors in 2021 to the countries of northern Central America reached 125,257, 34.7% higher than the 93,013 registered in 2020.

Origin of the majority of deportees

Nations such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras saw the arrival of thousands of repatriated migrants in 2021, after their attempt to cross U.S. soil was affected between the U.S.-Mexico border due to their irregular status.

The reports reveal that 21.8% of Salvadorans, plus another 39.9% of Hondurans and 44.9% Guatemalans, among adults and minors, were deported.

IOM also indicates that around 500,000 people, including children, from Northern Triangle countries, try to emigrate to the United States each year.