Earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan left dozens of dead
A 6,8 earthquake have left dozens of dead and injured between Pakistan and Afghanistan

At least 12 people died and more than 200 are injured as a consequence of an earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The 6,8- magnitude earthquake’s epicenter was in the Hindu Kush border range, being felt from Delhi in India to Islamabad in Pakistan and in Kabul, Afghanistan.

There were nine dead, five men, two women and two children included, and other 160 injured after the collapse of about twenty houses in Pakistan.

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In Afghanistan, despite the low-rise architecture in an area with little population density the earthquake left three dead and 44 injured, all due to the collapse of roofs of their homes.

The Nowruz, the celebration of Persian New Year, has been discreetly celebrated and people who participated did not want to come back their homes and spent night outdoors.

According to the Ministry of Health of Afghanistan expect the numbers to rise as the rescue efforts progress.

The earthquake comes less than two months after the devastating 7,8 quake in Turkey and Syria that killed more than 51,000 people.