first male contraceptive pill
The first male pill for birth control is not on the market yet since it has been tested in rats, but it will soon be available for men

The first male contraceptive pill was created and it is 100% effective for almost three hours and it does not have any side effects.

Women have different options for birth control such as pills, patches, intrauterine devices, and more to prevent pregnancy, however men only wear condom or just opt for vasectomy.

Now, men could have the opportunity to use these effective pills for control birth since this is a job of two.

So, scientists have said men do not have the risk to get pregnant so they will not have any side effects, which scientists added that this is a great step.

The pill, which was developed in a laboratory and was tested in rats, only delays between 30 minutes and an hour to take effect, so it is very fast and efficacious.

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Even though this pill is not still in the market, scientists would manage to turn the finding into treatment for males, and they can take it and enjoy a few hours with the objective to stop pregnancy.