People from Haiti have been forced to abandon their homes due to heavy rains, landslides and overflowing rivers affecting the country

Heavy rains in Haiti left at least 51 people dead, some twenty missing and more than a hundred injured during the last few days, putting the Haitian population at risk of crisis.

Rainfall began this weekend and intensified during the beginning of the week, forcing thousands of families to abandon their homes due to overflowing rivers and landslides.

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More than 39,000 families have been affected due to the phenomenon and the rains are expected to continue throughout the week, according to Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is working with national and international organizations to address the crisis.

In addition to the heavy rains, Haiti suffered a 4.9 earthquake that shook the southwest of the country, and the death toll from this quake so far is four, but the number of injured has not been determined yet.

On the other hand, not only this hurricane season, which began in June, finds Haiti in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, but also the return of cholera and the increase of food insecurity that the country faces.

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The Hydrometeorological Unit (UHM) that this week announced that it will be rainy due to several tropical waves, thus increasing the risk of a rebound of cholera in the coming days for the Caribbean country.