International airlines reopen flights to and from Nicaragua
Flights to Nicaragua through different airlines resume, after being suspended in 2020 due to Covid-19.

Different air transport companies have resumed their operations to and from the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, in Managua, Nicaragua, after suspending their flights in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Spirit Airlines company officially resumed its air activities from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, to the Nicaraguan capital with 182 passengers on board, flight NK 435 and through the Airbus A320NEO aircraft, according to the Nicaraguan Aviation platform that monitors independently each of the flights to or from that country.

In this sense, the aviation line web platform explained that «the ultra-low-cost will operate a daily flight between the two cities, offering connections to 26 cities through Fort Lauderdale: Aguadilla, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago- ORD, Cleveland, Dallas-DFW, Detroit, Houston-IAH, Indianapolis, New York-LGA, Latrobe, Louisville, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Louis, and Tampa”.

In addition, it highlights that this returns to «a key level of connectivity between Nicaragua and the United States, both for tourists and business people as well as for those who visit family and friends.»

In Nicaragua, the citizen of the business sector, César Hidalgo, expressed that «tourism businessmen are optimistic with the renewal of flights, since more foreign tourists will enter, which will boost the hotel, restaurant and consumer sectors.»

Likewise, flight AA605 operated by the Boeing 737-800 of one of the largest airlines in the United States, American Airlines, recently took off with seats to capacity from Miami, Florida, and touched Nicaraguan territory, making official the return of its services to the Central American country.

Aviacionline has highlighted the restart of these air operations, emphasizing that “in its Latin American network, American Airlines will offer up to 200 daily flights in 54 destinations for the boreal winter season. The Nicaraguan capital will be the tenth Central American city served by the company from Miami”, he indicated.

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The Vice President of International for American, José A. Freig, highlighted that «with our long-awaited return to Nicaragua, at American we complete our network in Latin America, further strengthening our presence in the region as the largest North American airline.»

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In this context, the Costa Rican airline, Sansa, also announced the reopening of its flights between San José, Alajuela; with Managua, Nicaragua, as of December 16, detailing that it will carry out three weekly flights with a capacity of 12 passengers.

Nicaragua has strengthened air transport conditions. Recently, Nicaraguan and Russian authorities secured important collaboration agreements in the field of civil aviation and the modernization of the airports of the Central American country.

Likewise, the Foreign Commission of the Nicaraguan National Assembly currently ruled on an international air transport agreement between Nicaragua and Mexico, «maintaining the principle of national sovereignty in the airspace located over the territory of both contracting parties», which broadens the demand for traffic, mobilization of products and increased tourism.