Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, participated in a special session in the Nicaraguan Parliament
Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, participated in a special session in the Nicaraguan Parliament

Representatives of the Nicaraguan Parliament met with the presidential delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by the president, Ebrahim Raisi, with the aim of strengthening diplomatic ties and consolidating strategic agreements between both nations. 

The Iranian president, who is visiting Nicaragua as part of his tour of Latin America, participated in a special session of the National Assembly and held talks with the president and the Board of Directors of the Central American Parliament.

The Head of State of Iran indicated that his country is fully willing to share its capabilities, potentialities and experiences with Nicaragua.

There is a great geographical distance between Nicaragua and Iran, and the region of Latin America, but our hearts are very close. And our objectives are also very close», he said, adding that his visit «demonstrates the political will to consolidate and further deepen friendly relations».

President Raisi, during his speech in the Nicaraguan Parliament, said that world imperialism has always been against the formation of popular governments in Latin America.

 The main characteristic of world imperialism is that it always seeks to abuse and exploit peoples with its illegitimate demands and colonialism,» he said.

Iran and Nicaragua share common history

In this sense, he stressed that Iran and Nicaragua share a common history of struggle, resistance, revolutions and fighting against a common enemy.

He also pointed out that the West acts against Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and different Latin American countries.  

«Why does the US and some Western countries, who claim to be defenders of human rights, democracy and freedom, not respect the will of the people?» questioned.

Iran: US created ISIS-Daesh group

Raisi said that, for the last 70 years, imperialism has not allowed the Palestinian people the right to self-determination; and in this way they have done so in several countries, applying military occupation, coups d’état and sanctions.

 They intend to fight terrorism. But, officially, the same US candidates confessed, in front of the media, that they themselves had created the terrorist group ISIS-Daesh,» he said.

The president warned that sanctions and threats are not the last measures of imperialism to dominate the countries, but that they would also look for other ways, to be able to fulfill and achieve their «nefarious objectives».

Raisi: The world order is changing

In this regard, he said that communication between independent countries «would strengthen and consolidate their friendships, and through their economic ties, trade and capabilities, they would be protected and made immune to the conspiracies and plans of imperialism.

As I told Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, and I address these words to the heroic people of Nicaragua: All the resistance of the independent countries of the world, and the great people of Iran, has paid off: The current world order is changing,» he emphasized.

America’s power is in decline

Under this objective, he said that «the power of the imperialist powers and the United States is clearly in decline»; while «the will of all the independent peoples of the world is strengthening».

Raisi explained that the media empire always seeks to modify the vision of independent peoples and countries, sowing doubts in young people through their media and cyberspace, in order to guide people on the path of their intentions.

In this cognitive war, in this information war, it is the duty of thinkers and the most prominent people in society, to work on the awareness of peoples, and particularly young people,» he suggested.  

Iran and Nicaragua, Triumphant Revolutions

Meanwhile, the president of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, Doctor Gustavo Porras, stressed that he shares the idea with the Iranian president, that parliaments, when they are the result of the popular vote, respond to the needs of the people.

The parliamentarian indicated that Nicaragua and Iran are united under permanent defense action, in front of a common enemy: Yankee imperialism and world imperialism.

We are united by being triumphant revolutions in the same year, 1979; we are united by the goal of our revolutions, which is to seek the improvements of our peoples and our love of freedom, self-determination,» the Nicaraguan parliamentarian emphasized.