NASA records the sound of dust on Mars
Rover Perseverance recorded a dust whirlpool event on Mars

NASA has captured the first sound of a dust whirlpool on Mars recorded by the Perseverance rover.

Scientists of NASA have shared the first audio of a dust whirlpool on Mars and it was recorded by Perseverance rover when the thunderous wind was up to 40 km/h.

According to researchers, the sound is very similar to that of dust swirls on Earth although quieter, since the thin atmosphere of Mars makes the sound muffled and the wind less strong.

The dust passed right over the Perseverance vehicle and one of its microphone-equipped cameras recorded the event. This event was imagen for several years but never heard before, adding that dust eddies are very common on the Red Planet.

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Perseverance has so far collected 18 samples from Jezero Crater, once the site of a river delta. NASA plans to return these sample on earth within a decade.

The Ingenuity helicopter has made 36 flights, the longest of which lasted almost three minutes.