Nicaragua accuses the US of being the worst war criminal and crime against humanity of all time
The United States has committed the cruelest crimes against humanity, affirms the Government of Nicaragua.

Faced with the atrocious crimes perpetrated by the United States in bloody invasions and military interventions in the world, Nicaragua denounced Washington as the worst war criminal and crime against humanity of all time. 

The Government of the Central American country issued a declaration entitled: «The power of Nicaragua is life», which describes the invasion of Iraq as «infamous and genocidal», which led to the destruction of a people, through crimes against humanity.

“20 years ago, on March 20, 2003, the genocidal government of the United States of America, promoted and unleashed, based on lies, the absurd, the custom of establishing its hate crimes and crimes against humanity, on the worst hoaxes”, quotes the declaration letter alluded to the occupation of Iraq.

United States: genocide and crimes against humanity

The declaration also calls «fierce, senseless, preposterous, inadmissible and condemnable», the «invasion and destruction of a Culture and a Country, which advanced in Scientific Development and Prosperity for its inhabitants.»

The Government of Nicaragua also mentions that «20 years ago the Human Family rose up denouncing and condemning the hoaxes, the crimes, the hatred and the greed that it brought together at that time, it represented all the crimes, hatred and greed of all the invasions, occupations and looting of the Countries and Peoples of the World, by the United States and the Empires… All accomplices of genocide and crimes against humanity”.

In this sense, Nicaragua joined «the Free Peoples of the World, rejecting and condemning the audacity of the greatest murderers and criminals in the recent history of Humanity, who yesterday and today again dared to spread and multiply lies, slander, infamous disqualifications, and inventions about the Countries and Peoples that we are not docile to them, according to their narrative of greed and the same and repetitive desires for domination and submission of those of us who are Sovereign and Free in the World”.

America should be ashamed of its crimes

Likewise, Nicaragua pointed out that the White House «does not have the slightest Moral Authority to speak, but it is about themselves and their atrocities.» In turn, they indicated that «they are not recognized as having any authority to lie, violate, and sully, as they always do.»

The Nicaraguan government indicated that that country should feel ashamed «for the vulgar outrages and the elementary and brutal falsehoods, which seem designed for an elementary world, stripped of intelligence, a world of cheap lampoons that no one reads anymore, nor does it even occur to them.» buy or try to digest”.

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In the declaration, Nicaragua pointed out once again and condemned «US imperialism as the worst war criminal and crime against humanity of all time.»

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«We are not tired of demanding respect for our Peoples, our Sovereignties, our Countries and Political, Social and Economic Models, freely chosen, which reflect the virtues and magnitudes of our Triumphant Resistance.”