Racism and cultural supremacy promoted in Europe are denounced by Nicaragua.
Racism and cultural supremacy promoted in Europe are denounced by Nicaragua.

Europe has repeatedly been singled out as one of the main perpetrators of racism and cultural supremacy in the world, responsible for a reprehensible path of crimes against human rights, which the Nicaraguan Government has denounced again. 

 In an official statement, the government of President Daniel Ortega has categorically rejected actions that threaten the freedom of human beings to profess any belief and religion.

 “From the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of Nicaragua, we express our strongest condemnation of the expressions of racism and cultural supremacy that have been presented in Europe against the Sacred Symbols of the Creeds, Beliefs and Religions of Peoples», cites the pronouncement of Nicaragua, which has constantly condemned the colonialist and slave practices of Europeans.

 Nicaragua rejects egocentric and arrogant actions of Europe

In addition, the government of the Latin American nation rejected: «the egocentric, arrogant and alleged superiority actions, which have become indicators of the hatred, uncontrolled and sadistic, of those who consider themselves superior to the whole of humanity».

The statement against the expressions of racism and cultural supremacy reminds Europe that «throughout the Planet and from all Cultures, Peoples have the right to express ourselves with Pride of our more ancient beliefs, Teachings, Knowledge and Scholarship «.

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The Nicaraguan government reaffirmed its «Repudiation to the arrogance and viciousness that are manifested with these unusual practices, out of the horrors of the Inquisitions and warmongering that for egocentrism and abuse intended to impose the negation of the broad origins of the Human Intelligence and Science».

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from different pronouncements, the Sandinista leader, Daniel Ortega, recognized worldwide for his fight against foreign interference and interventionism, has incessantly rejected the actions of different European countries, which seek to maintain a colonialist foreign policy. It has also demanded that the culprits of slavery on the Planet be held accountable for the serious crimes committed, in that bloody stage suffered by different populations in the hemisphere.