Government of Nicaragua, highlights the beginning of the new presidential term of Vladimir Putin, in Russia.

Nicaragua sends a letter of congratulations to the re-elected president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

The Government of Nicaragua, through a letter, expressed its congratulations to the re-elected president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, on the occasion of his inauguration for his fifth term, during the next six-year term.

“In greeting his installation as president that the Russian people have elected and acclaimed for these new times, we wish him great triumphs in that fight that the Russian Federation is waging today…” read the letter issued by the Nicaraguan State.

Likewise, in the written communication, the president, Daniel Ortega, and the vice president, Rosario Murillo, highlighted that the leader of Russia begins “a new period of government” which implies “the continuous fight against fascism, Nazism and all the deformations that derive from that destructive and fatal ideology.”

Likewise, the Government of Nicaragua highlighted that Russia is fighting for “a new world, without absolute dominions, without servitudes, a world of brotherhood and cooperation among all and for the good of all,” the written declaration reads.

At the same time, they wished him “peace, good will and a total cessation of the aggressions that limit and threaten the human family and our survival.”

“Health, strength and more spiritual energies to continue winning and continue promoting life in peace, joy, respect and rights,” the letter detailed.

Putin reelected as president of Russia

In March of this year, Putin was re-elected as president of Russia, winning the presidential elections with 87.28% of the votes, achieving a record never before seen in the history of the Eurasian nation.

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The solemn investiture ceremony of the president-elect will take place in the Kremlin Palace, where he will be sworn in, before the Senate, the Lower House and the Russian Constitutional Court.

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Likewise, he will receive the emblems of presidential power, which include the presidential insignia and banner, along with a special copy of the Constitution, which is kept in the presidential library and before which the president takes the oath.