Ministry of Health of Nicaragua presents “Atlas of Ultrasound Review of the Baby in the Belly”.

Nicaragua developed the Ultrasound Review Atlas of the Baby in the Belly, a milestone in prenatal health developed by the Ministry of Health (MINSA), for the timely diagnosis of problems before birth.

This medical advance, developed by a team of maternal-fetal doctors from the Bertha Calderón Hospital, in the capital, Managua, places the Latin American nation in a prominent position in the region in terms of maternal-fetal care.

The presentation of this innovative resource for maternal-fetal care took place at the Specialized Care Center for Women, Dr. Ligia Altamirano.

Fetal surgeries in Nicaragua

Since 2021, the Nicaraguan Public Health System has assumed a leading role in carrying out fetal surgical procedures in Central America, becoming the first country in the region to carry them out free of charge.

Surgeons specializing in this medical area continue their work without pause in Nicaragua, registering around 195 fetal surgeries to date, according to data provided by MINSA.

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These interventions not only save lives even before birth, but are also carried out completely at no cost, thanks to the Nicaraguan Public Health System.

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In other countries, this type of surgery can cost around 30 thousand dollars, and involves not only the use of specialized equipment and materials, but also the performance of ultrasounds and monitoring by specialists before, during and after the procedure.