During the Celac-EU 2023 Summit, Nicaragua reaffirmed its rejection of colonialist actions and condemned coercive actions by the West.

 Nicaragua does not bow to the coercive policies promoted by the West, refusing to sign the «Declaration of Consensus of the Celac-EU Summit 2023» as a liar, and warned that Latin America and the Caribbean is no longer a colony of any power.

In an official statement, the Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the government of the Central American nation did not sign, approve, or accompany the Consensus Declaration of the III CELAC-EU Summit announced «pompously and falsely».

The European Union, as it usually does, has broken all the Procedures and Mechanisms established by the Democratic Organizations, going beyond the rules that underlie the operation of our own Entities», quotes the pronouncement of the Nicaraguan foreign ministry.

In addition, Nicaragua ratified its «Vocation for Peace, based on the struggles that dignify our peoples and are a Force of Victories».

Falso consenso en la Declaración Final de la III Cumbre CELAC-UE

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, highlighted the position established in the official communiqué addressed to Nicaraguan citizens and the international community in general.

We did not sign, we did not approve, we did not accompany, it is not true that a consensus declaration was issued there, there was no consensus,» said the Nicaraguan vice president.

It also reaffirmed that inaccuracies are being made known, «that pompous and deceitful announcements have been made, presenting as the Consensus Declaration of the III CELAC-EU Summit, a document that has no consensus, since Nicaragua neither signed it, nor approved it, nor accompanied it».

Murillo clarified «that in CELAC, by sovereign decision of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, all decisions ar taken by consensus, therefore, we are facing a breach of the rules on the part of the European Union. We denounce it and inform you, taking away from a fact, which for us is difficult to understand, if not embarrassing, that the European Union, granted itself, the right to determine non-existent consensuses».

Europe must understand that we are no longer a colony of any power

In the message delivered through the representative of Nicaraguan diplomacy, Denis Moncada, Nicaragua considered that «the governments of the countries of the European Union must reflect and act in good faith with a vision of the present and the future, taking into account the Human Beings of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and other Regions, who yearn for Peace, Shared Security, Stability, Progress, Sustainable Development, Respectful Relations without Interference and Global Peaceful Coexistence».

In addition, the Nicaraguan government warned that «Europe must bear in mind and respect that we are no longer a colony of any power, we are Free, Independent, Sovereign countries, with Dignity of Homeland, Identity and Freedom».

Nicaragua rejects use of cluster bombs

The Nicaraguan diplomat also affirmed that his country rejects and condemns the use of cluster munitions by all States and demanded «not to send cluster munitions to Ukraine or any other country in the world, in compliance with the Convention adopted at the United Nations in 2008».

The US must answer for the military aggression of the 1980s

 Moncada, referred to the judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague in June 1986, which ordered the United States to compensate Nicaragua «for the human losses and material damage caused by the US military and paramilitary aggression in the 1980s».

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A judgment that is final, binding, and Nicaragua has not waived the right to reparation that the United States is obliged to fulfill. Nicaragua is respectful of international law and we comply with the judgments of the International Court of Justice, without exception,» emphasized the Nicaraguan representation. 

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