Government of Nicaragua announces measures to strengthen health in the nation.

Nicaragua is committed to the specialized training of doctors in 18 medical specialties.

Nicaragua announced the implementation of a ministerial resolution that ensures free access to studies in medical specialties, and freedom of employment upon graduation for all doctors in the Latin American country.

The Nicaraguan Government, through a statement, detailed that, during the study opening event in the medical-surgical specialties of 210 resident doctors, a ministerial resolution promoted by the president, Daniel Ortega, was presented, which guarantees free access to specializations and work freedom upon completing the studies.

At the opening ceremony, held at the Institute of Natural Medicine, it was emphasized that the only criteria that will be considered for the successful specialization process are those of academic aspects.

Specialized and free care in Nicaragua

The Sandinista Government, with the aim of strengthening the health of the population, has developed specialization programs in 18 branches of medicine, which, as confirmed by health authorities, guarantee greater and better care free of charge and comprehensively for citizens, even in the most remote places in the country.

The essential points of the resolution include the invalidation of the agreements and contracts signed during the year 2024 between the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the incoming and outgoing resident doctors.

A meeting was scheduled with the first-time resident doctors to explain to them that, due to the guidance of the Sandinista leader, the signed agreements are annulled, and it was emphasized that, to complete the specialization, the new specialist doctor will only need to meet the academic requirements to obtain a degree.

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Furthermore, the press release highlights: “The new specialist doctor will be free to decide what to do after graduating from the specialty. The MINSA will offer specialist positions according to the needs of the Health Services, the number of vacant positions and the existing budget support.”

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This resolution comes into force immediately, and the graduated specialists will be informed about the voluntary and unrestricted option of accepting or not the job positions offered by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.