The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Nicaragua reported on strict compliance with the right to private property.

The State of Nicaragua reaffirmed its respect for private property, for the benefit of Nicaraguan citizens.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) of Nicaragua, through an official statement, reaffirmed the strict compliance of the Nicaraguan State in relation to respect for private property, stipulated in the laws of the Latin American country.

“The State reiterates its strict compliance with respect for Private Property, in accordance with the provisions of Article 44, last paragraph, of our Political Constitution, which prohibits the confiscation of property,” the Nicaraguan institution emphasized.

In that sense, it was explained as is public knowledge, properties from criminal proceedings for drug trafficking and money laundering have been transferred to the State and have been legally recovered for the Nicaraguan People; by the Commission of Crimes against Sovereign Citizen Security, Peace, and the Good Living of Nicaraguan Families; as well as Resolutions that were issued at the Administrative Headquarters, in compliance with the legislation that regulates non-profit organizations.”

Furthermore, it was added that, “in other situations, what has prevailed is the restitution of the State, over properties that individuals improperly used, through legal subterfuges.”

Properties for the benefit of Nicaraguans

In this context, the PGR explained that, in accordance with the Political Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua, “the Properties that have been transferred and returned to the State have been destined for the benefit of our Population.”

Which led to “more Specialized Health and Care Programs for Degenerative Diseases; Greater Attention to Disability with more incorporation into a Dignified Life; More Programs of all Types of Education… University, Technical, Technological, Basic, Secondary, Formal and Distance Education.”

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The Nicaraguan entity continued pointing out that in this way “More Housing Projects” were developed; More Highways, Bridges, Paths, Streets; Markets, Parks, Art, Culture, National Identity. . . More and Better Public Transportation; My Sports Facilities, and More Sports in all its forms; More Technologies and Financing for all forms of Production, Consumption, Trade, Export and Food Security; Better Surveillance, Attention and Coverage against Disasters and Calamities; More Social Security with greater possibilities.”

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