The new oxygen and nitrogen plant in Nicaragua has the capacity to supply the Central American region.
The new oxygen and nitrogen plant in Nicaragua has the capacity to supply the Central American region.

Nicaragua puts into operation the first oxygen and liquid nitrogen production plant in Central America, ensuring full supply to its extensive public hospital network and the private sector, in addition, with the capacity to supply in the region.

“With the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity chaired by Commander Daniel and Comrade Rosario, we were entrusted with guaranteeing the complete supply of oxygen for the entire country, and today we can tell you it is a mission accomplished,” highlighted Gustavo García, general director of Benefits in Health of the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security (INSS).

Likewise, he specified: “With this plant we are going to complete 100% of the supply and demand for this country. The plant has already begun operating, we hope to begin marketing in the month of May. Currently the demand for oxygen and nitrogen is approximately between six and seven tons of oxygen per day, and between 0.5 and one ton of nitrogen.”

In that sense, he explained that the oxygen will be processed in the new plant with the capacity to generate up to 20 tons of oxygen daily, then it will be stored in special tanks, and later, in cisterns to supply the oxygen to the different hospitals in the Latin American nation.

Self-sufficiency in national oxygen production

Engineer Michael Morales, general director of GASPRO Latin America, the company in charge of operations, stated: “You will always have a product when you need it without having to bring it from other countries, so not only Nicaragua will be autonomous in the production of oxygen and nitrogen, but it will also contribute to the region.”

Under this argument, García also highlighted that, in the aspect of health, the supply of oxygen to Nicaraguan patients will be guaranteed in a timely manner, especially “in these times when winter is approaching, where the main sources of oxygen are patients with respiratory diseases.”

In addition, he emphasized that in the Intensive Care Units oxygen is required in the coronary area, and in the operating rooms, reaffirming that there is now the capacity to cover all these medical stays.

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The second aspect, which we are trying to reach, is the economic aspect, with the production of oxygen, with national self-sufficiency, with the benefit for the country, “we plan to reduce the cost of the oxygen tank that is supplied to the population in general, that is a benefit for the country,” explained the INSS representative.

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Likewise, it was specified that liquid nitrogen will be marketed to companies in the fishing, meat, bottling and livestock sectors for the freezing of bovine sperm and other products, which will strengthen the economy in Nicaragua.