The President of Nicaragua joins the conversation of integration in the BRICS bloc
The President of Nicaragua joins the conversation of integration in the BRICS bloc

Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, highlighted the importance of international cooperation and integration in the BRICS amid of the current chalenges, in the search for global solidarity and mutual assistance.

In his official speech, Ortega highlighted the role of the BRICS as a new global alternative that promotes collaboration and has expanded its membership beyond the five founding nations to include four additional countries.

Nicaragua shows its interest in the BRICS

The Nicaraguan president openly expressed his country’s interest in joining the BRICS: «Other countries are knocking (to belong to the BRICS), among them we are knocking on doors, because that is the multipolar world where the peoples of the most powerful countries come together, even the most impoverished countries to unite efforts in the fight for peace, against hunger, in the fight for the survival of humanity, in the fight for the defense of the environment,» he said.

Likewise, the Latin American leader emphasized that the BRICS represents a model of a multipolar world in which powerful nations such as China and Russia are united, in an alliance that is based on economic, commercial, social and productive cooperation.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) that came there opening way and the empires, the imperialists of the earth, logically trying to avoid, that integration between nations that want to cooperate, nations that integrate, incorporated themselves, not to invade another country, not to bomb, but to unite to strengthen relations in the economic, commercial, social and productive fields».

“Es una lucha por la paz, ese es el primer gran quiebre, el primer gran golpe la tiranía del imperialismo, a la que ha estado sometida el mundo”, agregó el mandatario.

Africa and Latin America in the geopolitical scenario

Ortega also praised the integration and cooperation between African and Latin American nations as a means to achieve independence and self-determination in both regions.

We are also seeing the integration of the African peoples, as African peoples who were subjected to slavery, fighting for their independence, for their self-determination, for their sovereignty,» the Sandinista leader said.

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The president of Nicaragua added: «In Latin America we see how the armed forces of the entire region are getting closer, they are managing to integrate, they are holding meetings, not planning any invasion, not to plan attacks against other peoples, but to strengthen the defense of the peoples of the Latin American and Caribbean region, to ensure the peace of our peoples, combating crime and drug trafficking».

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