Nicaragua strengthens ties with Italy.

Nicaraguan Embassy in Italy encourages cooperation with European countries.

The Nicaraguan Embassy in Italy is open to friendly relations with various Italian cities, to promote cooperation and interchange between foreign countries.

With this proposal, the Nicaraguan Ambassador to Italy, Monica Robelo, met in the city with the Mayor of Livorno, Luca Salvetti, and the Advisor for Culture, Simone Lenzi, to promote cooperation with this European city, according to official media reports from the Latin American nation.

In this sense, specify that, Robelo has provided the opportunity to reaffirm the compromise of the Government of Nicaragua, led by the president, Daniel Ortega, and the vice-president, Rosario Murillo, to force the collaboration with other people of the world, based in solidarity and respect to self-determination.

From now on, we will explore various areas of possible cooperation, including the possibility of joining Livorno with a Nicaraguan city. Both cities share a rich history and culture, and there is great potential for collaboration in areas such as music, education and health.

Embajada de Nicaragua en Italia impulsa cooperación con ciudades del país europeo.
The Embassy of Nicaragua in Italy intensified its friendship with Italian cities, to promote bilateral cooperation and interchange.

Livorno poses an amplia trayectoria in musical lyrics and is one of the renowned composer Pietro Mascagni, author of the masterful work «Cavalleria Rusticana». Nicaragua, by its part, has a vibrant musical tradition propia, and many others express their interests in exploring opportunities for the cultural interchange.

The Robelo Embroidery also recognizes the importance of health cooperation. Nicaragua and Livorno have maintained privileged relationships in this field, thanks to the collaboration between Italian specialists and Nicaraguan representatives in the investigation, training, awareness and prevention of chronic renal insufficiency.

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During his visit to Livorno, Robelo detailed the importance of the holiday of the 19th of July, which has a historical significance for ambos countries. In Nicaragua the 45th anniversary of the Triumph of the Popular Sandinist Revolution was celebrated, while in Livorno the 80th anniversary of the Liberation of Nazi-Fascismo was celebrated.

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The Embassy of Nicaragua in Italy is compromised in continuing its work to promote friendships and cooperation with Italian cities. These relationships are mutually beneficial and contribute to the development and welfare of local communities, specifying the Nicaraguan information media.