The accession of more countries to the BRICS receives Nicaragua’s congratulations.
The accession of more countries to the BRICS receives Nicaragua’s congratulations.

After the incorporation of six new countries into the BRICS, Nicaragua highlighted the initiative of the global economic bloc, as powerful in strengthening the multipolar world and in deconstructing the colonialist model. 

In its official communiqué the Latin American government recognized in the «a powerful initiative and reality that will strengthen the Multipolar World we need so much, and change the unjust, colonialist and imperialist Economic Model, which continues to seek to dominate to the peoples and to submit the countries and governments to their hegemony, which includes the perversion of those so-called sanctions that are only aggressions against the freedoms and human rights of those who are not docile».

Nicaragua congratulates the BRICS for its expansion

In this sense, the Nicaraguan authorities also extended their congratulations on the decision to expand the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

The Government of Nicaragua highlighted the invitation made by the presidents of the founding States to the leaders of Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Iran, «so that on behalf of their Peoples and Governments they can join this Powerful Emerging Economies Group».

“The incorporation into the BRICS of more Peoples, Countries and States will go on, we are sure, generating the necessary conditions for the better world, which is urgent and essential,» the message states.

The statement highlights the importance of the expansion of the BRICS in creating the necessary conditions for a «Better World, which is urgent and essential».

China y Rusia destacan expansión del BRICS

The recognition of Nicaragua joins the position of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who called the expansion of the BRICS group a «historic day» and a «new starting point».

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Xi highlighted the group’s willingness to expand its cooperation with developing nations and its willingness to contribute to a prosperous and equitable future.

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Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted the group’s determination to «expand its influence in the world» and «continue» to be an important actor in the international arena.