Nicaragua reaffirms its support for Palestine, in the context of the 76 years of the Nakba.

Nicaragua remembers the Nakba and its link with the situation in Palestine.

Nicaragua expressed, once again, its support for Palestine through a statement in which it noted that “on another anniversary of the Nakba of 1948, we remember the lasting impact of this tragic event and its inextricable relationship with the current situation.”

May 15, 1948 marks for the Palestinian people the historical date of the Nakba, an Arabic term that translates as ‘Catastrophe’. This day remembers the tragic event that marked the beginning of the forced exodus of more than 700 thousand Palestinians during the Arab-Israeli war, and which has reached 6 million refugees.

The Nicaraguan government letter specified: “Since then, the Palestinians who remained in the territory that became Israel have faced decades of discrimination and restrictions, subject to martial law until 1966.

Israel systematically violates the human rights of Palestinians

Furthermore, he added that, currently, “Palestinians in the territories occupied since 1967 live under an oppressive regime of military occupation that severely restricts their rights and freedoms, affecting all aspects of their daily lives. “The omnipresence of checkpoints, the separation wall and restrictive policies continue to limit mobility and access to essential resources, exacerbating tensions and systematic human rights violations.”

“Gaza faces an even more devastating crisis, with an Israeli offensive that has killed more than 35,000 Palestinians (70% of them children, women and the elderly), injured more than 78,000 and displaced 1.7 million. people, many of them multiple times; same people who are exposed to diseases, dehydration, acute malnutrition among other conditions due to the lack of humanitarian aid, whose entry into the Gaza Strip has been stopped by illegal Israeli settlers and the Government of Israel,” continues the statement from the Latin American nation.

The Nicaraguan government document stated: “This anniversary of the Nakba forces us to reflect on how the events of 1948 continue to resonate today, affecting the lives of millions of Palestinians, in the face of the indifference and passivity of international organizations, and keeping alive the complex and painful issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

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Furthermore, Nicaragua highlighted the stagnation of the peace process, highlighting Israel’s refusal to allow the return of refugees as a significant obstacle in the negotiations.

“This conflict is nothing more than a tool of the imperialist interests of the United States and its allies”, the Nicaraguan State stressed in its declaration.

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Nicaragua’s statement emphasized the need for a just and lasting solution that grants Palestine its full sovereignty and self-determination, calling for action by the international community in support of justice and peace for the Palestinians.