Nicaragua demands respect for its sovereignty and rejects the pronouncements of the Organization of American States (OAS).
Nicaragua demands respect for its sovereignty and rejects the pronouncements of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The Government of Nicaragua demands that the Organization of American States (OAS) respect the independence, sovereignty and self-determination of the country, and describes it as the Garbage Dump of the Americas.

“The Garbage Bin of the Americas is not recognized, we do not recognize it, and rather it is denounced, we denounce it, as the terrible and disastrous executor of the imperialist obsessions of occupation, invasion and interference in our Countries, against our People and against Peace and Life,” cited the Nicaraguan declaration.

Likewise, he emphasized: “The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of our Nicaragua, sovereign, dignified and exemplary daughter of Darío and Sandino, reminding the ignoble and unpronounceable OAS that we are unaware of its impact, since it is known to all that we do not belong to that Organization for the promotion of the Imperialist domination of the United States, so many times demonstrated as the dunghill of history.”

In this sense, the State of Nicaragua stated: “In this Year of the 45th Anniversary of the Triumph of National Sovereignty and Dignity, which represented the Victory of the People in our Sandinista Popular Revolution, Nicaragua demands Respect for our Sovereign Determination and the hundreds of thousands of Heroes and Martyrs that imperial aggressions of all kinds have left in our Sacred Territory.”

The Latin American nation rejected any type of action by this organization and denounced its role as a promoter of intervention and interference in Latin American countries. “Respect, we demand Respect for the Blood shed, in this Blessed, Sovereign and Always Free Nicaragua!” He reaffirmed.

“In Honorable Battles, We Always Go Beyond, ignoring the servile, those who from contaminated and bloody spaces try to violate our Sovereign Rights and Freedoms, when in their own Territories they commit crimes against humanity,” he noted.

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The Sandinista government’s statement reiterated Nicaragua’s commitment to the defense of its sovereignty and the fight against any form of foreign domination. “We are no one’s Colony, and we say with Pride that this decrepit and mortuary Organization neither convenes us, nor represents us, nor belongs to us,” he warned.

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“We are not a Yankee backyard. We continue to denounce and fight against the Yankee, Enemy of Humanity. Thus we speak out against the attempts at interference by the Garbage Man of History. His insignificance is obvious,” said Nicaragua.