Nicaraguan authorities respond against Colombia’s interventionist actions.

The Government of Nicaragua has expressed its strong rejection of Colombia’s interventionist stance, following statements made by the Foreign Ministry of the South American country.

Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sovereign Republic of Nicaragua, the government of the Central American country condemned «the interventionist position, which has nothing of our American Fraternity, expressed with insolence and vulgar ignorance about the correctness in the management of affairs between the States, by the Colombian Foreign Ministry».

 Nicaragua does not recognize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia

In addition, in the official communiqué Nicaragua stated that it does not recognize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia as any authority, and recommends that it keep its eye on its own problems, which are enormous, and which greatly affect life and the indispensable coexistence of citizens in their own country.

The highest diplomatic entity of Nicaragua, recommended to the authorities of the ‘suffered’ Colombia: «Respect, as well as joining the voices that demand to these authorities, integrity, decency and commitment in the defense of the Rights of their People, especially the Right to Life».

“In Nicaragua we are free and we will never be slaves again».

Moreover, he urged Colombian representatives to «see the straw in their own eyes and not in others, to avoid meddling in what does not concern them or concern them, because in Nicaragua we are free and we will never be slaves».

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Servility or servitude before the Imperial Masters has never left anything good and has never served to hide their own pests, the crudest miseries or misfortunes, the diseases of the Soul that can only be cured by attending themselves with care and devotion», warned the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry.

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He also said that «servility, we repeat, or servitude of slaves in front of the Imperial Masters, does not cover up their own evils, social disintegration, narco-politics, chronic corruption, deception, embezzlement, fraud, and the unforgivable squandering of the Trust and Hopes of a People».