The Government of Nicaragua accuses the UN of interference.

The Government of Nicaragua condemned the actions of aggression and interference, promoted by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, and which violate international law.

In a letter to the president of the UN Human Rights Council, Vaclav Balek, Nicaragua reaffirmed its rejection of mechanisms and reports, “which, far from representing a true interest and defense of the Human Rights of our People, constitute a daring form of aggression and interference”.

The State of Nicaragua made reference to the communication issued by Bálek to the Permanent Missions of the different countries to the United Nations Office in Geneva; in relation to Resolution 52/2, entitled “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Nicaragua”.

Nicaragua denounces UN manipulation and interference

The official of the international organization, in that statement, specified that on December 18, there would be an “Oral Update of the same, of which you already advance that said update will be based on previous reports from the High Commissioner”, as quoted the Nicaraguan authorities in the letter.

“Once again, we are witnessing how this Organization, which you now direct, manipulates these “updates” with the sole purpose of complying with the schemes of domination and interference of the imperialist countries, which do not give in to their desire to subject our country to their designs,” denounced the Latin American nation.

Likewise, the Nicaraguan State pointed out that these actions reflect manipulation by the organization led by Bálek, which seems to obey schemes of interference and aggression promoted by countries with “imperialist” agendas, which seek to subject Nicaragua to their own interests.

Nicaragua denounces sanctions and blockades

In this context, the Sandinista government reminded Bálek that these updates are totally unilateral, subjective and biased, “not reflecting the reality of Human Rights in our country and the significant and important advances achieved in the guarantee of Rights, such as Health, Education, Housing, Recreation and other Rights necessary to have a Dignified, Safe and Peaceful Life”.

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Furthermore, he said: “We do not recognize the moral authority of the country sellers, who collude with the imperialists, to manipulate and give their opinion on our reality and even less so when they do so by insulting the greatness of our history, our struggle and our achievements”.

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Likewise, in his statement he called for respect for his people, their political, economic and social model, and highlighted: “Our government is responsible for optimistically ensuring, against all adversity, the fundamental right of Nicaraguan families to live with well-being, from Dignity, Sovereignty and Self-determination, for the common good”.