Nicaragua points out that the Palestinian struggle will bear fruit in the world.

Through a letter to the president of Palestine, Mahmud Abbas, Nicaragua sent expressions of solidarity to that country, highlighting the union in the struggles for national liberation and the defense of the rights shared by both States.

“We have always been, and we continue to be together, united in all the Battles of National Liberation that we have had and that we must continue to fight, certain that so much Selflessness, Firmness, Sacrifice, and so much dedication in Conviction of Rights and in defense of the Sacred Homeland of Palestine, will bear fruit in this other World that is already awakening and walking,” the Latin American nation emphasized in its writing.

Nicaragua highlights heroism of Palestine

Likewise, the Nicaraguan government told the Palestinian president that, from Nicaragua, “we salute you, and with you your Great and Brave People, the People of the Dear Hero, Commander Yasir Arafat, and that brave and very Dignified Palestinian Family, overwhelmed by the Empires and always in formidable and admirable struggle for all their Rights”.

Nicaraguan delegation visits Palestine and expresses solidarity against Israeli aggressions.

In this sense, the Sandinista Government led by the president, Daniel Ortega, told Abás that “the entire Human Family shares its Combats and its Determination of Justice and Peace”.

Furthermore, he added: “God continues to give us Strength and Fortitude to continue illuminating this World towards the Great Victories that its People and all Combatant Peoples, of raised Consciousness, deserve”.

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Recently, a high delegation from the Government of Nicaragua, led by its Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada, arrived in the city of Ramallah, in the West Bank, Palestine, where it held meetings with different authorities, including the president of the nation located in the Middle East.

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During the visit, meetings are also anticipated with the president of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), Rawhi Fatooh, as well as authorities from the National Movement for the Liberation of Palestine (Fatah). In addition, a visit to the Comandante Yasser Arafat Museum is planned, according to a statement from the Nicaraguan State.