Ruben Dario, the Nicaraguan poet who conquered the world
Ruben Dario, the Nicaraguan poet who conquered the world

Nicaragua celebrates the 157th anniversary of the birth of Ruben Dario, illustrious poet and writer, who was (and is) a peak figure of literary modernism throughout the world.

Born in ancient Metapa, Matagalpa, the distinguished poet, also known as “The Prince of Castilian letters” and “The father of modernism”, left a literary legacy that transcends borders and times.

Although his birthplace was Matagalpa, Ruben Dario spent his childhood and part of his adolescence in the university city of Leon, a place that he always deeply appreciated.

His full name is Felix Ruben Garcia Sarmiento, the poet adopts the surname Dario as a result of his connection with his paternal family, recognized with the name of the Darios.

His influence on the literary world is undeniable, being recognized as “The Universal Poet” and earning several pseudonyms over time that reflect his position as a “bard” of all time.

Work of the Prince of modernism

Throughout his prolific artistic career, Ruben Dario published 12 books of poetry and 14 of prose, transcending borders and being translated into several languages.

His first work, “Azul” (1888), published when he was only 19 years old in Santiago, Chile, captured critical attention and marked the beginning of a brilliant literary career.

Ramon Rodriguez, director of the Ruben Dario National Theater, highlighted the relevance of the author of “Azul” and highlighted his thoughts and work.

In this sense, Rodriguez emphasized the continuous commitment to project the work of Ruben Dario so that new generations appropriate this cultural knowledge.

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“The best tribute that can be paid to Dario today are the hundreds of children and adolescents involved in art through various manifestations”, said Rodriguez.

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In September 2023, the Ruben Dario Archive House Museum of Nicaragua, located in the city of Leon, was certified and incorporated into the UNESCO Memory of the World Program, a recognition that perpetuates the memory and work of the intellectual of universal stature.