Lavrov will meet with President Nicolas Maduro and Foreign Minister Yvan Gil, during his visit to Latin America

The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, arrived in Venezuela after visiting Cuba, being his second destination on his tour of Latin America, where he will meet with the president, Nicolas Maduro; the vice president, Delcy Rodriguez; and his counterpart, Yvan Gil.

In this sense, the parties will discuss key issues of bilateral cooperation and interaction on the international stage, in addition to analyzing the context at the global and regional level, according to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry through Telegram.

The Russian Foreign Ministry highlighted the strategic alliance between both nations. “Bilateral relations, based on strong ties of friendship and solidarity, are booming and actively developing in all crucial areas,” he said.

Furthermore, he emphasized: “Russia will continue to offer solid support to the Government and people of Venezuela in protecting their national sovereignty and guaranteeing their rights to determine their own path of development.”

Lavrov on tour in Latin America

The Russian diplomat’s first visit destination was the Republic of Cuba, where he met with President Miguel Diaz-Canel; and the Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, and advocated for the immediate cessation of the United States economic blockade against the nation of Cuba, at the same time demanding the exclusion of the island from the list of States sponsoring terrorism.

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“This is undoubtedly one more expression of what is manifested every day in the strengthening of bilateral relations between Cuba and the Russian Federation,” said Díaz-Canel, in reference to the visit of Russian diplomacy to the Caribbean nation.

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The third and last destination in the region that the Russian Foreign Minister will visit will be the South American giant, Brazil, where he will participate in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the G20 member countries.