Shooting in Maryland leaves 3 dead
Shooting in Maryland, US, left 3 dead and injured after a dispute in a private house ended in gunshots

Shooting in the state of Maryland, United States, leaves at least 3 dead and the same number of wounded, in a private residence where a graduation party was being held, according to the police investigation.

The police department of Annapolis, Maryland, assured that the suspect was arrested, and that the exchange of gunfire would have been caused by a «domestic dispute». No charges have been filed against the suspect at this time.

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The victims, both wounded and deceased, are male, and range from 20 to 50 years of age, according to the Annapolis police department, adding that one of the wounded was transported to a trauma center.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, so far this year, 279 mass shootings have been reported, with more than four victims, wounded or dead in the United States, a figure that accompanies the statistic that shows that there are more firearms in the country than inhabitants.