Spain: New TRANS Law approved
LBTBI+ activists celebrate the approval of the ‘trans law’

Spain congress has approved this Thursday the reform of the abortion law and trans law —185 votes in favor, 154 against, and 3 abstentions, so they have been ready to be published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and enter into force.

What you need to know about this new trans law:

Now, if someone wants to make a sex change, this person will have to fill out a form, and 3 months later confirm the selection made, and it’s then when the change has validity.

But the process depends on your age. If the person is 12 years old or less, then they can’t make the sex change, but they have the chance to change their name on the ID.

From 12 to 14 years old, they can make the sex change but only accompanied by their parents and with judicial authorization.

From 14 to 16 years old, judicial authorization is no longer needed, they can do it, only with their parent’s authorization.

And since they’re 16s they can request the sex change alone.

Something to take into account is that to make this sex change is no longer necessary to take hormones or remove your genitals with surgery, as well as psychological evaluations have been removed from the process.

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For people who want to do conversion practices will be fined 150 thousand euros.

The genitals modifications to minors 12 years old are prohibited.

And last but not least, the words “mother”, “Father”, “woman”, and “man” will be substituted for “people”, “parents” or “pregnant parent”.

Additionally, there are some people protesting for the fact that with this new law, there will be more men making the sex change just to have easier physical tests for jobs like firefighters or police.

And if they go to jail, they will go to a women’s prison. But the men who turn into women will be accountable for sexist condemnation if they commit the abuse before the sex change.