The Beatles return now with the help of AI and this time with John Lennon’s voice

Paul McCartney, former member of the British band, The Beatles, has said that the group is returning, but this time using artificial intelligence and with the voice of the legendary John Lennon extracted.

McCartney revealed that the comeback is about one of the demos that Lennon recorded a couple of years before he died, but could not be finished due to the limitations of technology, and now using AI it will be released this year.

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The musician was given the recording of Lennon’s song by Yoko Ono, this being one of several he kept on a cassette that read «For Paul» that Lennon had made before his murder.

McCartney thought it was a great idea to record with Lennon’s voice using AI, and he did not stop until he finished the song, and thanks to technology, the musician was able to do «duets» with Lennon in his most recent tour and now make the last song of the Liverpool quartet.