It was found that the clitoris has 10,000 nerve endings having more than the palm of the hand
It was found that the clitoris has 10,000 nerve endings having more than the palm of the hand

Female anatomy has been a taboo for many and tends to get the most attention, and for years it was believed the clitoris had 8,000 nerve endings, but it actually has 10,000 nerve endings and it is considered by experts to be “just the beginning for sexual health”.

According to research made by the Oregon Health & Science University presented in a conference in October 27, the number is a whooping 10,281, and the clitoris was compared to the palm of the hand which has 17,000 nerve endings, in a much, much large area.

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Dr. Maria Uloko, one of the authors of the research, says that the inspiration for the study came from frustrations about the lack of knowledge of this tiny organ.

Dr. Uloko’s colleague, Dr. Blair Peters, an assistant professor at the Oregon Health & Science University, certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, shares that during a phalloplasty, the creation of a penis as part of gender-affirming care, is the only procedure that requires cutting the nerves of the clitoris.

In this procedure, the nerves connect to the penis centers in the groin, so people that have this surgery will have a sensation and erogenous sensation recovering the penis, according to Peters.

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After having a conversation with Uloko, Peters designed the study and recollected samples, after that he accompanied some scientists from the University of Washington in St. Louis to count the nerve endings.

Peters shared that the nerves were cut during the process, and the samples of the nerves were counted with a tool called ultra-microtome, in a very tiny sections that amplify more than 100 times and they’re counted with an automatized software.

Until now, it is just the beginning of many questions that scientist are waiting to answer about female sexual health, the study shows just the comparison of the nerves of the clitoris to the palms of the hands.