China and Nicaragua commemorate two years of the resumption of strategic cooperation.

The Embassy of Nicaragua in Beijing celebrated the second anniversary of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, highlighting the advances in strategic cooperation of both nations.

More than 150 personalities attended the diplomatic event, including the director general of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Cai Wei; and the director of the Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wang Yulin, according to the Latin American nation’s media.

The press release shared also detailed the presence of ambassadors and chargé d’affaires from accredited diplomatic missions, representatives of Chinese state companies and members of the Nicaraguan community in Beijing.

Historical relations between Nicaragua and China

The Nicaraguan ambassador to China, Michael Campbell, recalled the long history of relations between both nations, which dates back more than 40 years, initiated by the link between the Communist Party of China and the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

“Official diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Nicaragua were initially established in December 1985, 38 years ago, although the Communist Party of China and the Sandinista National Liberation Front had already been collaborating for many years”, Campbell said.

Nicaragua and China have consolidated different agreements aimed at carrying out megaprojects in the Latin American nation.

In that context, he added: “even (diplomatic relations were established) before the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution in 1979, proudly raising the flags of socialism, national sovereignty and anti-imperialism”.

“On December 10, 2021, under the careful leadership and guidance of Comrade President Xi Jinping, Commander Daniel Ortega and Comrade Rosario Murillo, China and Nicaragua reestablished diplomatic relations”, highlighted the Nicaraguan high representative.

On behalf of China, Cai Wei thanked the Nicaraguan government for promoting the development of bilateral ties since the reestablishment of relations in 2021. He emphasized the frequent communication between Presidents Daniel Ortega and Xi Jinping, charting a route for the development of both nations.

Likewise, Wang Yulin mentioned the recent visit of Vice Minister Li Mingxiang to Nicaragua, where a Memorandum of Understanding on exchanges and cooperation was signed, reaffirming the commitment to prosperity and cooperation based on strong historical ties.

The agreements between Nicaragua and China

Currently, Nicaragua has 13 trade agreements, both bilateral and integration, that cover approximately 1.5 billion consumers, granting preferential access. According to the authorities, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China will also significantly expand these market opportunities.

The strategic collaboration between Nicaragua and China has not only materialized in trade agreements, but also in megaprojects that include the construction of an airport, railway systems, investments in the hydroelectric sector and massive road works. These projects are intended to benefit thousands of Nicaraguan citizens.

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In this sense, the Sandinista Government, in collaboration with the Yutong company, has concluded an agreement for the supply of thousands of buses. To date, two fleets of these vehicles, with a total of 500 units, have already been received in Nicaragua.

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In addition, a series of additional agreements have recently been signed with China, focused on the development of areas such as housing, pharmaceuticals, health, thermal energy, water and sanitation, transportation, tourism, technology and agriculture.