More than 3,000 apartments will be built in the heart of Nicaragua’s capital, Managua.

Housing security in Nicaragua is advancing exponentially through the various social housing projects promoted by the Nicaraguan Government and private enterprise. 

 The announcement of the most recent project called «New Victories Apartments» will be developed in the capital Managua, in which more than 3 thousand apartments with high quality standards will be built, in the coming months.

The new housing complexes were announced by the vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, who detailed that these will have 2 floors, separated between living room, kitchen, dining room and 2 rooms, for a total space of about 63 square meters under construction and a land covering 105 square meters. The first stage or first block of these apartments will be located in the center of the capital, under the name of «Roberto Clemente Apartments» and will consist of 134 housing complexes.

External designs of the “New Victories apartments”

2023: «Year of Housing» in Nicaragua

 The construction of these apartments is not the only development in the country, Nicaragua has long stood out for its large investments in housing infrastructure that ensures the welfare of Nicaraguan families.

 With the arrival, in 2007, of the Sandinista Government in Nicaragua, more than 127,000 homes were built today. All this from 22 social housing projects that «allow to expand the offer for different population segments,» said the co-director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Urban and Rural Housing (INVUR), Gabriela Palacios interviewed a local media outlet.

“We plan to build 9,000 more homes this year, what this means, achieve the dreams of Nicaraguan families, restore the right to housing, being an indispensable policy of our Good Government, to guarantee and restore this right», said Palacios.

 These projects have also been made possible by the cooperation links between Nicaragua and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), which carried out a Financing Program amounting to 171 million dollars, directly destined for the construction of 18,660 social housing units, which are part of the 50 thousand expected to have in 2026.

This financing is divided into 7,000 fully subsidized housing units in 63 municipalities; 7,000 housing units for low-income families and 4,660 for moderate-income families.

 From this BCIE financing, the construction of 7,400 homes is expected this year, which will benefit some 37,000 Nicaraguan families, and also the generation of more than 112,000 direct and indirect jobs.

 Bismark Martínez Project

The emblematic «Bismark Martínez» Project was born with the aim of providing housing for the citizens of the Central American country; in Managua alone, it has delivered nearly 4,000 homes to families that now have a safe roof and housing security.

In addition, this program has a presence in the different departments of Nicaragua, enjoying quotas accessible to Nicaraguans who do not have a home of their own.   One of the most important announcements for the country came with the cooperation of the People’s Republic of China, which established with Nicaragua, an agreement for the construction of 12,034 houses, which will be built in the country’s 84 municipalities, 15 departments and two autonomous regions.

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Housing Model for the Distribution Mirador Xolotlán

The project of Residencial Monte Nebo, consists of the construction of a house of 54 square meters in an available area of 142 square meters, 2 rooms, a bathroom and living room.

The residential consists of 310 lots and is located in the South Side of the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport.

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Another project is the Mirador Xolotlán in Managua, which consists of one 64 square meters with porch, living/dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, lobby, sanitary service, 2 bedrooms and vehicle tracks.