Russia and Nicaragua signed a Memorandum of Understanding that includes the construction of a nuclear medicine center in Nicaragua.

The nuclear medicine center will especially treat oncological conditions.

Russia and Nicaragua strengthen ties of cooperation with the agreement to build the nuclear medicine center to treat cancer conditions free of charge in the Latin American nation, established in the Memorandum of Understanding of the Road Map.

Recently, regarding the conversations about the construction of the new medical center between the Russian and Nicaraguan delegations, the vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, highlighted: “a project that will become a reality in the near future; Doctor Roberto López is there, There is also the general director of health services, Doctor Óscar Vásquez, and they have met with the Russian authorities, expressing that we have more of a comprehensive approach as people, as governments to resolve health care issues.”

“This Nuclear Energy Center will allow us to reach a qualitatively new level in the diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases, expanding access to modern nuclear medicine technology for doctors and patients, healing, care first in our Nicaragua, another project to strengthen the relations of scientific and solidarity cooperation of the Russian Federation in our country,” Murillo said.

The document was signed, during the ATOMEXPO 2024 International Forum in Sochi, Russia, by doctor Oscar Vasquez, general director of health services of the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua (MINSA) and Igor Obrubov, general director of the state corporation “Rosatom Health Technologies”, detail local media from the Latin American nation.

In that sense, Vasquez detailed in a local television medium that the objective is to provide the country with advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment, especially in nuclear medicine, focused mainly on cancer.

Nicaragua expands its free coverage in oncological services

Likewise, he highlighted that the national health policy of the Nicaraguan government led by the president, Daniel Ortega, is oriented towards the needs of families and communities, with the purpose of guaranteeing quality and humane access to health services.

Vasquez highlighted that, with the agreements held with representatives of the Russian Federation to establish a specialized nuclear medicine center, the coverage of the current Nora Astorga National Radiotherapy Center would be expanded. “The (nuclear medicine) center will have sophisticated equipment and the capacity to produce radiopharmaceuticals locally,” he added.

“With this we can treat pathologies such as liver, stomach, prostate, breast cancer, lymphomas that are common, as well as brain cancers that are difficult to access, which especially with nuclear medicine, with these radiopharmaceuticals they show us where the tumor cells are there for the diagnosis” indicated Vasquez.

“This fills us with deep emotion, because it is a great advance with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology that comes from the Russian Federation, which are world leaders, they have great experience in this,” Vasquez said during the interview.

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The nuclear medicine center will be ready in 2029 and will offer free diagnostic and therapeutic services to all Nicaraguans, according to the Nicaraguan health representative.

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“It would be available free of charge to all Nicaraguans as part of the policy of restitution of health rights promoted by the good Sandinista Government, it will strengthen the response capabilities that our health system has in the fight against cancer,” Vasquez emphasized.