Delivery of US armored vehicles amid reports of Israeli crimes.

Despite the rejection of the Jewish community in the US, regarding the Joe Biden administration’s support for Israel’s military aggression against Palestine, Washington delivered a shipment of armored vehicles to the Israeli army.

According to Israeli war authorities, this delivery is part of an acquisition worth $98.9 million, intended to reinforce the vehicle fleet of the Israel Defense Forces.

Additionally, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has confirmed that armored ambulances, trucks and mechanical engineering equipment will be sent as part of this agreement with the US government.

Outrage over Biden’s support for Israel

Former Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib, a native of Michigan, has expressed her outrage at the military actions and has drawn attention to the responsibility of the United States in the current situation suffered by millions of Palestinians in Gaza.

During a massive protest at the Capitol Tlaib denounced: “If we are not crying, something is wrong. How is it okay to bomb a hospital? Biden, we are looking at you! Palestinians will feel safe when we stop financing the elimination of their population”.

The delivery of these armored vehicles and other support equipment arises in a context of crisis and international condemnation in relation to the situation in the Gaza Strip.

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The tenant of the White House, during his visit to Israel, highlighted his support for the actions carried out by Israeli forces who are accused of perpetrating genocide against Palestine. “The United States will stand with Israel today, tomorrow and always,” Biden said.

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Likewise, the North American president highlighted the importance of guaranteeing that Israel has the necessary resources for its military actions, and announced that he will ask Congress for an “unprecedented aid package for the defense of Israel