Massive protest in Yemen against US and UK attacks
Massive protest in Yemen against US and UK attacks

Tens of thousands of Yemeni citizens gather in a massive demonstration in rejection of foreign military attacks, being one of the largest protests recorded in the northwestern city of Saada, according to local media reports.

The recent actions carried out by the United States and the United Kingdom have provoked a strong reaction, triggering a wave of protests that reflect the feelings of a population exhausted by war and foreign aggression.

In this way, this collective clamor demonstrates the growing discontent among Yemeni citizens, who demand the cessation of external military actions and a different focus on peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Protesters’ condemnation of the attacks is not simply a response to isolated incidents, but a reaction to what they perceive as a pattern of foreign intervention and aggression.

Likewise, the impacts of these actions have had wide-ranging consequences destabilizing the Middle East region and causing significant harm to the civilian population.

Protests in other regions of the world

In Lebanon, demonstrations were held in solidarity with the Yemeni people. Palestinian residents in the country joined the protests carrying both Palestinian and Yemeni flags, thus joining the rally called by the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.

A group of American activists expressed their disapproval in front of the White House in Washington, condemning the attacks carried out by the United States and the United Kingdom against Yemen.

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Participants in the demonstration carried banners demanding “Freedom of Palestine”, “End of the Israeli occupation in Palestine” and “Stop US bombing in Yemen”.

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In this sense, Western attacks have not only sparked protests, but have also intensified the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where the civilian population suffers the worst consequences of the conflict.