39 people died in an immigration center in Ciudad Juarez
Agents of the National Guard of Mexico along with firefighters and paramedics, in the rescue of those affected by the fire at the migrant center.

On March 27 at midnight, the fire started in a building of the National Institute of Migration in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and according to authorities 39 people died of suffocation.

The National Institute of Migration of Ciudad Juarez detailed that there are 39 dead and 29 injured, who are hospitalized and their state is delicate.

In recent days, several migrants have been transferred to that detention center. When many are detained, they assure that they have documents to remain in Mexico, but even so they are detained.

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The state of health of the injured victims is unknown and the origin of the fire is unknown, but according to some witnesses it started in the area where the male migrants were detained, and they would have started it themselves.

The migrants in Ciudad Juarez has been appearing in recent months, since Washington created the “Title 42” that is about illegal migration that allows the government to immediately deport undocumented migrants, citing “sanitary reasons”.