A green comet is approaching the Earth
Green comet, known as ZTF, will reach Earth this February 1.

Green comet, better known by scientists as ZTF comet, is getting closer to Earth.

The ZTF comet was detected for the first time in mid-March last year, the star has traveled almost 600 million kilometers and on February 1, it will reach its closest position to us.

But, why is ZTF green? The green color is produced only in the envelope of its head (called the coma), like a turquoise aura, caused by the reaction of ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide emanating from this space object.

It is the first time that the ZTF comet with a green hue, has returned to the inner solar system in 50,000 years.

Those who are in the Northern Hemisphere will have a better chance of seeing it. You will only have to look to the northwest, especially before dawn.

The comet will be visible without binoculars or a telescope, although in this way it is possible that you will only see a spot in the sky.

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As a curious fact, the orbital period of the comet is about 50,000 years, which means it hasn’t come close to Earth since the Upper Paleolithic, the time of early Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.