Abby Choi’s murder
Abby Choi was a model, and she was 28 years old when found dead. She left four children orphaned

The police of Hong Kong have arrested four people related to the murder of the model Abby Choi whose body was dismembered and her head was found inside a pot of soup.

The authorities have reported that the head of Choi was in a pot of soup with other ingredients until only the skull remained.

Three days after the disappearance of Choi, the police found two female legs in a fridge and two pots that had human tissue. Next to these, a meat slicer and an electric saw were found.

The discovery happened in a house that her ex father in law used to rent, and this is how her ex-husband Alex Kwong, with whom she had two children, along with his brother and father were accused of murder.

Abby disappeared on February 21, and she was 28 years old. Her head was found but the police are still looking for the torso and arms of Choi and they fear they were thrown away.

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Abby was well-known in the Chinese socialite, being an influencer and a fashion icon in Hong Kong, capable of creating trends, and now she is not anymore in this world, leaving four children orphaned.