Apple launches new virtual reality glasses and earphones called “Apple Vision Pro”

«Apple Vision Pro» is the name of the set of virtual reality glasses and headset that Apple launched this week, which users will be able to experience virtual reality and augmented reality.

The virtual reality glasses are the first new product introduction since the launch of Apple Watch in 2015, which is described as a new era.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, during a presentation showed off the set, also announcing that the glasses came with a headset, making it the most expensive and advanced virtual reality viewer on the consumer market.

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In addition to the glasses, the headset allows the user to look through the headset and change screens with the eyes, hands and voice, adapting to the user’s environment.

The iPhone and iPad applications will be adapted to Vision Pro, as well as several applications exclusive to the Vision Pro App Store that include 3D educational models, which will allow some users to learn something new.